Reflections – The Drama of Today – Saving Lives!

More and more we find more people suffering through illness and pain, physical and psychological. No matter how hard people struggle with the drama of life some are able to rise to the challenge whilst others are lost in the darkness Searching for the rainbow and sunshine Never ending clouds of problems, of strife for [...]


Relationships – Home, Work, Family, Partners!

When do we get the chance to sit down and really think about our relationships with ourselves and with others?  We interact with people everyday and all through our lives and never question why.  Today, I would like us to think about our relationship and how we interact with others.  There are energies which we [...]

You are Special! Eres Especial

WHY DID I WRITE THIS BOOK? I suddenly realized there are so many words my children need to hear How had we let time pass so quickly? Why hadn’t WE done this before? It was time to make changes. Why should I, Natasha be that frightened little girl of saying, thinking and doing what I [...]

Education & Women dedicated to the Leaders of Tomorrow!

Quiero enfatizó la importancia de trabajar conjuntamente, los padres de familia y también las escuelas para que la futura generación, nuestros hijos, sean los grandes personajes del futuro y recordar que pueden cumplir con sus sueños!

Dreams can come True! Tus Sueños pueden hacerse realidad!

¿PORQUE ESCRIBI ESTE LIBRO? Decidí que ya llego el tiempo para que ayudemos a las familias, madres y padres a cambiar nuestras palabras de baja vibración que han ido lastimando a nuestros niños, en su ADN y al mismo tiempo a sus cuerpos. Cuando los niños escuchen todos los días estas palabras les ayudaran simplemente [...]