You are Special! Eres Especial


Which flower, which tree, which animal!
Which flower, which tree, which animal!

I suddenly realized there are so many words my children need to hear How had we let time pass so quickly? Why hadn’t WE done this before? It was time to make changes. Why should I, Natasha be that frightened little girl of saying, thinking and doing what I wanted to be in life? Why hadn´t we heard these words every day. Maybe from circumstances, from beliefs, from being frightened, being ashamed, worrying, were we lacking in character, in strength, in confidence. Why had we accepted limitations, doubts, anger, frustration and fear in our lives and also accept sickness, no more, it’s enough, no more sick children? Why hadn´t we realized we are wonderful and special just the way we are and that we could achieve everything we wanted in life. Why had Natasha read so many books on how to help her children, attended conferences, workshops to help them so that they wouldn´t suffer along their road of life. Life and the world has so much to give just hold out your arms and feel with your hands, see it with your eyes, hear it with your ears, think it in your mind and feel it with your heart.

Hopefully through my words and thoughts together as parents, people we can make a difference.

Let’s start with our wonderful children and the new comers to the world and help them grow to be the people of the future – loving, kind, compassionate, sincere, truthful and humble.

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