Relationships – Home, Work, Family, Partners!

When do we get the chance to sit down and really think about our relationships with ourselves and with others?  We interact with people everyday and all through our lives and never question why.  Today, I would like us to think about our relationship and how we interact with others.  There are energies which we interchange with each person we meet and cords to every relationship.

There is something to be learnt by every relationship and to help us all to grow to understand ourselves better.  I want to give you an example of a dear friend who asked me for help.  In their relationship, there marriage wasn´t going´s  well – by clearly understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship it was easier for my friend to understand what had to be worked on and what was missing.

It´s so easy to go around blaming others, pointing the finger and getting angry if things don´t go the way you would like.  Who is fighting for control?  When we understand how we judge others and ourselves it is progress.  If we are to rigid in our ideas, we can expect to find lumps, difficulty in walking, difficulty in breathing, loose hope etc.  Life will show us what needs to be understood and our bodies will show us what is wrong.

by Natasha Parker

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