Corazon a Corazon – El Instinto y Cuerpo No Miente

Mientras nos desayunamos mirando uno al otro cado uno pidiendo su plato preferido "hacienda" y el "divorcio".  Mientras ella temblaba por dentro, tantos días pensando que decir o como.. Era necesario y esto es lo que dijo en resumidas cuentas:- Infidelidad – que ya sabía que tenía otra mujer.  El instinto no miente, ni el [...]


War & Peace – La Guerra y La Paz

How well are we preparing our children, men and women with the tools they need to survive in our environment and World today? So many issues and how to face the challenge in a peaceful way.  How many are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to deal with every day experiences, traumas, disasters, abuse, violence, [...]

The Cycle of Life

The turning wheels of joy and freedom as the wind caressed his hair. The winding roads of dirt and stones in his path. The perfectly working wheels turning as time went by. Weeds lined the path as he rode along the rocky road. Small homes lacking in paint and love dotted here and there. Not [...]

Robbed of Life

In our every day World, crime, violence and robbery have become part of our lives.  Like a label covering our eyes, our hearts, our minds. Small inhuman acts are hidden, jeered at or not taken seriously.  Some escalating to even larger crimes.  Not a thought or a word or action is enough. Something so simple [...]

The Beautiful Young Man Lost in his Journey

Looking at his beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair now a man in his 30´s. Lacking in self esteem, sadden by his parents divorce at 10 and left with feelings of depreciation and not being valued.  Led him on a road of drink and drugs. Today he has a chance to recover and one major [...]

A Young Russian Mother & Her Struggle – Happy Mothers Day

Let me tell you a story about a young girl of 25. - Excerpt from Natasha a Journey to Freedom Love & Happiness On Thursday, whilst I was standing in the supermarket I saw a beautiful young woman- she was wearing a sleeveless tee-shirt and some long pants, hair pulled away from her face, no [...]