Happy Women´s Day

Chapter Eight – Natasha – A Journey to Freedom, Love and Happiness

I have met women from all walks of life, rich and poor. It’s interesting to
have to remember the wonderful women and their presents they gave to
me. Thank you all of you where ever you are.

The dearest of all would have to be my mother. For her strength, for
her patience, understanding and most of all her love. Only today, do
we realize how similar we are. Maybe through my growing years I never
understood when she would put her foot down and say NO. Today I can
say thank you.

I have met women who have friend relationships with their mum and
I didn´t understand how this could be. They would talk about their
intimate feelings. For some reason, I always found it difficult to share
and maybe at the bottom of the suitcase didn’t want to give her more
luggage, worry, frustration, anger, etc to carry with her. Many things
were not said or told but I don´t regret this for a moment. Today we
can be open, express our thoughts and feelings and we both accept each
other and love each other more than ever. Time has passed but as I say it
is never too late.
International Women´s Day

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