A Pact of Blood

A woman weak and plagued with her own insecurities and lack of self-worth and self esteem.

Crushed by her dream of ever finding ever-lasting love.  Left and abandoned as she sat weeping over her first love.

And now?  What would be next, where would her journey take her?  As she sat crying in her own solitude broken hearted.  Vowing that this would never happen again.

Looking to her faith to give her courage, strength and the love she so desperately was searching.  In a land of beauty, of sunshine and of dreams.

The shame of having to tell the family, the embarassement of having to share with her friends.  He had gone, left and never to return.

As each day passed, she took refuge in the church.  Filling her room with statues of Saints and Angels to help her on her way.  That gave comfort in her moments of sadness.  A phrase from the Bible, that special Salmo.

The more she prayed in her desperation for love lead her in search of a darker truth.  One of witchcraft and spells to her every day wimm.

There she found Maria in a small little shop – full to the brimb, of herbs, of candles and of magic.

As she entered and asked does this really work?  Is it possible that I can get the man that I want?  What would I have to do?  How long would it take?  How much would it cost?

She laughed at the thought she had found a way.  A way of deception, of lies  ….     To be continued

A Pact of Blood

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