The Truth

Behind the Lies

-“There is something you aren´t telling me Michael” as I looked across the table staring into his eyes.  He seemed uncomfortable and found it difficult.  As he looked down.  He seemed tense.

What he was about to say was going to come as a shock.

– “I don´t want to hurt you, I value our friendship”.

– “Don´t worry there´s you can say that can shock me”.  I felt a lump in my stomach, as so many thoughts rushed through my head.

Why had his face changed?  Why had his smile gone?  This was serious.

– “It can´t be that bad?”  “Just come out with what you are going to say”.

– “Well, as I´m sure you´ve already guessed – yes, there is something that I was meaning to tell you, but, I didn´t know when would be the best time, or how I was going to tell you”.  He took a deep breath as he tried to explain.

– “As you know there are signs your body is telling me”.

I quickly responded, eagerly to know what he had to say, as I fidgeted in my chair anxious, clenching my hands, trying to conceal the fear.

As he tapped his pen on the table, and rolled it in his fingers, he started.

– “There is something in our stomach area”.

– “What do you mean? Was he about to tell me I had an illness, “Oh No”, I thought, and again so many thoughts rushed about my mind.

– “I want the truth Michael”, as I stared and looked at him.

….. to be continued – by Natashaeyes

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