Happy Sister Week!

Chapter Fourteen – Natasha – A Journey to Freedom, Love & Happiness
I don’t know how I felt about this having a sister or someone to share
my World with; you would have to ask my mum. Was I a caring sister
at an early age? Did I mother her? Did I play with her, I really cannot
remember the very early days.
All I remember, is seeing my sister on the potty and me standing there
in the garden beside her with my blonde curly locks. There are only nine
months between us. Of course, as we grew older we had some great times,
food parties, etc.
Today, we all find it difficult when we have the second child, we try not
to make them compete or compare, try and find answers in numerous
books how to deal with more than one.
I loved reading Siblings without Rivalry a book which every family who
has more than one child or has more brothers and sisters. I laughed, as I
read the pages and of course there were other times I would cry. It helped
me understand other matters, which I had not learnt through my own
childhood or being a sister. It opened my mind to understand and realize,
how we as parents, do affect our children through our words and actions,
especially when dealing with brothers and sisters.

Thanks for my wonderful 3 sisters!
Thanks for my wonderful 3 sisters!

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