The Hunger for a Better Life – Matthew

I was only seven.  My life had been filled with hardship and pain.  Violence, abuse and criminal acts had always been part of my life.

I knew nothing else, I was never taught about what was morally right or wrong.  I belonged to a family of crime, sexual abuse, robbery, of poverty and hunger.

I always questioned why had I been give the life I had been given.  Why couldn´t I have come from a home where my parents had shown me love?

Why did I have to hear the violence of their words?  The harsh slaps and punches I received every day?

Most of the time when I got home from school, there was nothing in the fridge to eat.  Just cans and bottles of liqueur.  If I was lucky, there was a carton of milk.  I would help myself to a glass and made sure I took small sips to make the pleasure last longer.  Savouring the flavour and taste in my mouth as it slowly made it´s way to my stomach crying out with pain.

I was the skinnest child in my class and I wasn´t very tall.  I would be pushed and laughed at and called midget – like an insect crawling for survival.

I hoped one day that I would be big and strong and that it was just a matter of time.  I had never thought that the lack of food and drink at my home really mattered.  I even was naive to think that all children were going through the same.

I had had enough, my stomach rumbled and the pain was so intense.  I just wanted something to eat.  Where could I get event just a small morsel of food.

Then it struck me  ……  to be continued – by Natasha

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