Happy Mothers Day – 15th March, 2015

Chapter Nine – Natasha – A Journey to Freedom, Love and Happiness
I am now a mother and know how difficult it is to juggle the day,
the house, the children, etc. Unfortunately, I know today that it is
important that all the mothers of the world think about them, spend
some time doing their favourite thing – whether it be reading that
book or having your hair done or going to that special spa for that
de-stressing massage.
I am learning, every day, we have to look after us. When we do, we are
more relaxed, feel good about ourselves and this we transmit to our
children. Let go of perfectionism, I am trying. Today you clean, and in
five minutes it looks as if you haven’t done anything.
We could spend our entire lives cleaning and in the end time has gone
and we forgot to enjoy the journey of life by being too petty, too stressed,
too tired.
What are you going to choose? What day of the week is going to be for
you. Or what time of the day, morning, afternoon, evening? Start by
looking in the mirror – ask yourself how can I make things better for me
and my family.
What things haven’t I done which I would like to do – that yoga class,
learning a musical instrument, etc. There is a lot to choose from.
Organize your time or week so there is special time for you. I am now
learning and that´s what I am doing.
When we are stressed our patience levels are at a low and we can´t think
clearly, we haven’t got tolerance to hear those special things our children
want to say and share. We are angry at ourselves and sometimes don´t
know why. Think about you first. I know this has helped me.

Happy Mothers Day

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