The Cycle of Life

The turning wheels of joy and freedom
as the wind caressed his hair.
The winding roads of dirt and stones
in his path.
The perfectly working wheels turning as
time went by.

Weeds lined the path as he
rode along the rocky road.
Small homes lacking in paint and love
dotted here and there.
Not a flower in sight just full of hope and
a cycle of adventure.

Not a care in the World just a smile,
Full of excitement and the innocent thrill
as he manoevered the rocky path.
Delivering the daily news.
Bringing smiles in the sunshine,
A journey and beautiful memory
of a childhood in his life.

The hardship and struggle of so many,
Of the poor and the weak and the defenceless child
An ever ending road
An ever ending challenge
in the cycle of Life.

by Natasha

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