Hiring the Right Person in Business & Relationships

Getting the right person for the position or getting the job done efficiently and effectively takes time, money and investment. There are many tools available today but one added bonus which can improve individuals effectiveness in the selection process and understanding other parameters are vital to understanding the personality, character, body languague, emotional response andContinue reading “Hiring the Right Person in Business & Relationships”

Who do you Trust & Why?

More often, whether it be in business or relationships it takes a long time to build trust and have confidence with the person you have selected, be it a partner in business, directive, executive or any other relationship including marriage. Once there is trust, it is easier that others can take advantage of the relationship.Continue reading “Who do you Trust & Why?”

Dont Lie to Me – No me Mientes, No me Engañes!

Women Exclusive – Dont lie to Me – May 2015 My name is Natasha and I am a single mother of 3 wonderful children.  As women and mothers we are constantly learning and acquiring new skills each day to improve our lives and that of our families. I have been blessed to met many wonderfulContinue reading “Dont Lie to Me – No me Mientes, No me Engañes!”

The Mountain of Sunshine & Peace – Poem

The Mountain of Sunshine & Peace The Mountain is high, the road is long and winding, filled with uncertainties and fears. With weeds and flowers, With Stones and bolders, With Cracks and holes, With animals and creatures great and small. As we walk the road of sunshine and peace, we will be remembered for theContinue reading “The Mountain of Sunshine & Peace – Poem”

Family Law – Divorce, Governments, Lawyers, Women, Men & Children

Today I want to share with you some of  the things I learnt about the legal process of divorce in Mexico & UK and one of the major faults in  family law – governments, lawyers, women, men and children. In April of 2012 I remember clearly how I sat down and wrote down all theContinue reading “Family Law – Divorce, Governments, Lawyers, Women, Men & Children”