Who do you Trust & Why?

More often, whether it be in business or relationships it takes a long time to build trust and have confidence with the person you have selected, be it a partner in business, directive, executive or any other relationship including marriage.

Once there is trust, it is easier that others can take advantage of the relationship.  How many executives have had problems with their assistants committing fraud with their personal accounts? or employees of confidence whom have left with company funds an disappeared without a trace?

How many married people have realised after many years that they had been lied to and continue making the same mistakes in their chosen partners?

Understanding other issues which are not taken into account can help make better long term choices and decisions.

Key positions need extra care, additional checks to avoid future disappointments, regrets or resentments.

Seminars & Conferences offered in english and spanish online and in person.  More info:  luisanatashaparker@hotmail.co.uk

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