Prevention/Deception/Truth – LAW

Life and lessons learnt

Each one of us has a journey to walk.  Some alone, others surrounded by friends, a partner or a helping hand.

Today as we remember the Women & Children and their fight against abuse, violence and injustice.  Emotionally, Mentally, Physically or Environmentally.  These are only a few two mention where if you want answers you will have to walk the road and which country protects, honors, and gets things done for their people, individuals, mothers, fathers and children.

Judicial Law State
Local Government President & MP
Local Lawyers
International Lawyers
Government Lawyers
Local Judges
Local Human Rights Department
State Human Rights Department
Social Services
Criminal Department
Foreign Office
Commonwealth Office
CSA Authority
Enforcement Department
Family Law Courts
Mexican & British Consulates

I hope you are as grateful as I am for the special people who helped and were there from the beginning.




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