El Poder de la Comunicacion & Incomprension

Vivir, Amar, Mentir o Morir en el Intento ¿Valió la pena? El dolor, el estrés, el sufrimiento? ¿Valió la pena? El esfuerzo, la intención, la estrategia? ¿Valió la pena? Al ser útil, el cuidar? ¿Valió la pena? Ser golpeado, apuñalado, robado? ¿Valió la pena? Que nos mientan, traicionan, acusan? ¿Valió la pena? Tener ira, elContinue reading “El Poder de la Comunicacion & Incomprension”

Live, Love, Lie or Die in the Process

Live, Love, Lie or Die in the Process Was it Worth it? The Pain, the Stress, the Suffering? Was it Worth it? The Effort, the Intent, the Strategy? Was it Worth it? Being Helpful, Caring, Loving? Was it Worth it? Being Punched, Stabbed, Robbed? Was it Worth it? Being Lied to, Betrayed, Accused? Was itContinue reading “Live, Love, Lie or Die in the Process”


Photo: http://www.metroactive.com I was only seven. My life had been filled with hardship and pain. Violence, abuse and criminal acts had always been part of my life. I knew nothing else, I was never taught about what was morally right or wrong. I belonged to a family of crime, sexual abuse, robbery, of poverty andContinue reading “THE HUNGER FOR A BETTER LIFE – MATTHEW”

Happy Teachers Day/Feliz Dia del Maestro

Some countries will celebrate, some will organise special events for their team, some will say THANK YOU to the Teachers who make a difference in the lives of our children. Colegio Yitsatil, El Papalote, Colegio Ingles, Colegio Weston, Colegio Tepeyac, Colegio Puerto Aventuras, Colegio Mayaland, por compromisos escolares nos falto a Angelica Porcini de ManuelContinue reading “Happy Teachers Day/Feliz Dia del Maestro”