I was only seven. My life had been filled with hardship and pain. Violence, abuse and criminal acts had always been part of my life.

I knew nothing else, I was never taught about what was morally right or wrong. I belonged to a family of crime, sexual abuse, robbery, of poverty and hunger.

I always questioned why had I been give the life I had been given. Why couldn´t I have come from a home where my parents had shown me love?

Why did I have to hear the violence of their words? The harsh slaps and punches I received every day?

Most of the time when I got home from school, there was nothing in the fridge to eat. Just cans and bottles of liqueur. If I was lucky, there was a carton of milk. I would help myself to a glass and made sure I took small sips to make the pleasure last longer. Savouring the flavour and taste in my mouth as it slowly made it´s way to my stomach crying out with pain.

I was the skinniest child in my class and I wasn´t very tall. I would be pushed and laughed at and called midget – like an insect crawling for survival.

I hoped one day that I would be big and strong and that it was just a matter of time. I had never thought that the lack of food and drink at my home really mattered. I even was naive to think that all children were going through the same.

I had had enough, my stomach rumbled and the pain was so intense. I just wanted something to eat. Where could I get event just a small morsel of food.

Then it struck me …… to be continued

Every day today

– by Natasha Parker



Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

"Our story does not define us but our actions will.” When faced with difficult choices in Life, some of our beliefs, self-sabotaging ideas we have about ourselves and others in our relationships will challenge us to take charge. Some will rise and take charge, whilst others will need a helping hand with The Power of Words Collection in english and spanish. Women in Poetry celebrates the voice of women, in recognition of their tremendous influence and impact in poetry, and showcases their inspirational words, stories and poems for the world to read. - 14th December 2018. Join the Conversation Every Friday on the 5 Minute Podcast - Parker The Poet in Kent Other links

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