May your days, lives and eyes be filled with sparkle amidst the darkness. Copyright © 2014 by Luisa Natasha Parker        


It’s so Cold Papa – He …

It´s so Cold Papa He  ... Copyright © 2014 by Luisa Natasha Parker The flame has gone, the warmth has gone, The light has gone, Papa, Papa, Papa. As his body trembled, Covered in layers and layers, Shaking in desperation, Papa, Papa, Papa. He looked, he watched, He saw no flame. As he lay on [...]

Happy Fathers Day

Copyright © 2014 by Luisa Natasha Parker Chapter Six  - FATHERS Once again, so many different types, characters how men play the role of fathers and how important it is to them. We have the ones if you asked their children to describe them maybe they would say - oh he is the one that [...]

Let there be Peace – Robbed of Life

The beauty of Life and Lives - Stolen away in a moment, never to return. This is a poem I wrote whilst I watched, listened to the people on the streets and remembered things of the past. Peace begins at home and it is responsibility as individuals to create peace, find love and prevent wars [...]

Have Strength in Times of Challenge

Copyright 2012 by Natasha Parker Watch, Learn, Roar ... They learnt to ... Hide in the shadows, Leap on the weak, Believe the ridiculous, Prostitute their actions.   Stamp on the homeless, Humble the beggar, Lie to the lonely, Take from the elders, Play like a looser.   Roar like a lion, Claw like a [...]