Bring me Joy not Pity – Blue Eyes


Blue Eyes

It was friday, whilst everyone was celebrating the end of the week.  A job well done, there she sat, alone, in the sunshine on a bench in the town.  Her body huddled, her head bent low as she gasped for consolation.  A face filled with the scars of a tiring life, lacking in love, wrinkled and saddened.

Her family divided in two lands, torn between two Worlds – her children separated. She had lost her way, the withered thinning,fine blonde hair as it drooped around her shoulders.  She was so miserable.

Lost in hope, lost her courage, her strength, the vision to continue with her journey. There I comforted her with my words.  There we sat as the smile returned, as her eyes shone brightly.  A moment in a day, to bring joy to another.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you as she said, stood tall and she  waved me goodbye.

by:  Natasha Parker



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