In Love vs In Joy


Copyright © 2012 by Natasha Parker – Tiger to Give you Courage

Words & Communication – Reflection

Enjoy the Word.  In Spanish we translate EN to mean IN.  In Joy vs In Love

It gives me joy being, seeing, listening, speaking, touching, eating, sleeping, dancing, singing, writing, playing, working together with YOU.

Together we create Joy

Together we bring Joy

Together we share Joy

Through our smile, our words, our actions, our thoughts and our presence.   If it does not bring us JOY, we will suffer and so will others.

How we interact, communicate and understand.  The difference of saying:-

I love nature – Our Love of Nature

I love my life – Our Love of Life

I love my family – Our Love of Family

I love my friends – Our Love of Friends

I love my neighbours – Our Love of Neighbours

I love my work – Our Love of Work

I love my town – Our Love of Towns

I love my country – Our Love of Countries

and the list goes on …  I love chocolate – Our love of Chocolate  …

Nature brings me Joy – Nature brings us Joy

My Life brings me Joy – Life brings us Joy

My Family bring me Joy – Family brings us Joy

My Friends bring me Joy – Friends bring us Joy

My Neighbours bring me Joy – Neighbours bring us Joy

My Job brings me Joy – Work brings us Joy

My Town brings me Joy – Towns bring us Joy

My Country brings me Joy – Countries bring us Joy

and the list goes on …

In Love vs In Joy, a Journey, a Life, a Book, a Story …

by:  Natasha Parker


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