It’s so Cold Papa – He …

It´s so Cold Papa

He  …

Copyright © 2014 by Luisa Natasha Parker


The flame has gone,
the warmth has gone,
The light has gone,
Papa, Papa, Papa.

As his body trembled,
Covered in layers and layers,
Shaking in desperation,
Papa, Papa, Papa.

He looked, he watched,
He saw no flame.
As he lay on the floor,
In hope, in faith, in trust,
Just a sparkle to light
Up his life again.

He rested his weary head
On the frozen tiled stone floor,
Blowing on his hands for warmth,
Papa, Papa, Papa.

He waited and waited and waited,
Who would bring the love,
Who would bring to the warmth,
Who would help this child as he listened
To the howling winds of Winter …..

by: Natasha Parker

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