Get Local – News, Politics, Social, People

When we step back and listen to the stories at home (family, friends, neighbours), in our local community and county. We can understand the pain and deficiencies.

When we hear stories how a woman has lost faith in her church because she has been sexually abused and now this haunts her every day and lives in our community.  Or how a  politician continues to sexually abuse children and forms part of our community.  How our Local schools obtain awards for being outstanding in all areas of education.  How our Local Charities and Local Councils introduce new programmes to help vulnerable individuals.  New enterprises, places to eat, bargains to buy, new cars to drive, who is celebrating, who is new to the community and what’s on …

When was the last time we took time to read the local newspaper?  Is it weekly?  Is it a daily edition?  Is it available online?

We have to thank the editors, reporters, news teams, the people behind the scenes and media communication companies who work jointly together to get the stories to people. Locally and Worldwide through different channels – radio, tv, online, newspapers,  magazines, etc.  Some will  receive abusive behaviour getting the news to the people.  Some will be brought strawberries and be thanked for their work.

Get Local – News, Politics, Social, People

by Natasha Parker


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