Did You find Your Friend?

Friendships He walked the street with his hat on, as he held on tightly to his stick, tall, sensing his way, up the path and steps.   There she stood ready for the day, with a smile, and her multi-coloured hair, beside her, her faithful friend, as they walked together.   One, Two, Three holding [...]


Where are You Now?

I was there whilst you cried, I was there to comfort you with  smile, I was there to give you a hand, when all faith was lost.   I was there to open doors of opportunities, I was there to share my passion for life, I was there to feed you, when you were hungry. [...]

The Words of the Night

It was 12 O'clock and the night was dark, the silence whilst the town was fast asleep, Pyjamas, PJ's, and soft cotton covers.   Out were the hunters ready for the night, they came, one, two and three. Violent, hungry and ready for the hunt, ready to claw and rip-out their bellies.   Concealed in [...]

One Flight of a Lifetime

One solitary flight, as it soars and flies through and manoeuvres the clouds.   The pathway already set, a distant land, an adventure, a home, a journey.   In search for treasure, filled with laughter, filled with enthusiasm, filled with change.   The roars in the skies, the obstacles to be faced and left behind. [...]

Let’s Play Patience

It was a glorious day, the sun shone, not a marshmallow in the sky. just a crystal blue, and that's where he found her. Sat on a bench, clutching to her little black book.   -"What's inside your book?', he asked. - "It's filled with magical stories and magical worlds". - How exciting and wonderful", [...]

Let’s Play Cat & Mouse

It was a beautiful day as he walked the streets, filled with flowers of summer and the green of the trees. The sun just rising, the freshness in the air. In the distance, something rolled across the road, pushed and played with by a fluffy, tiger like cat. It rolled, and was poked and pushed [...]