Let’s Play Patience

It was a glorious day, the sun shone,

not a marshmallow in the sky. just a crystal blue,

and that’s where he found her.

Sat on a bench, clutching to her little black book.


-“What’s inside your book?’, he asked.

– “It’s filled with magical stories and magical worlds”.

– How exciting and wonderful”, he said.


“Let’s play patience”, as he told her the story …

The tortoise will always be a tortoise,

The moon and the sun will always continue it’s cycle,

from day to-night and night to-day.

Your shell is  hard and resistant to hold the weight

of the four elephants on your back.

Like the four gospel writers, like your mind, heart, body and soul.


You don’t have to wriggle and hide inside anymore,

put your feet on the ground, hold your head high,

and face the challenge, there is no need to hurry,

the skills, like the pattern on your back you will find,

like the journey and pathways …

Let’s play patience …

By Natasha Parker





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