Did You find Your Friend?


He walked the street with his hat on,

as he held on tightly to his stick,

tall, sensing his way, up the path and steps.


There she stood ready for the day,

with a smile, and her multi-coloured hair,

beside her, her faithful friend,

as they walked together.


One, Two, Three holding on tight,

as they walked together, sharing

stories, making sure  he was safe.


Pushed, guided, not to get lost,

as she held on tight to the ball,

moving it backwards and forwards.


There he sat as they exchanged,

ideas, passions and choices,

with a smile and a thank you.


There they stood as they exchanged

the daily news, the coffee,

a handshake, and a good day.


There they walked, as they watched,

listened, and shared the beauty of nature,

picking the flowers, touching the leaves,

and smelling the sweetness.


Did you find your friend?  …

So many, on the way …

Did you stop?  Did you listen?  Did you share?


By Natasha Parker




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