The Tears of Colour

There he found her on the road,

They walked and talked to the top of the hill.

Her face looked down as she began …

– “He is out of my life and I don’t know what to do”.

In shock and saddened, but then came the hidden truth …

-“I will never be accepted, why did I have this colour of skin?”

As she wished she could rip every layer from her body as she touched her arm.

He looked at her , “You are beautiful just the way you are”.

-“You don’t have to change, people should love you for who you are”.

It brought back the painful memories of being spat at, bullied and humiliated.

– “I’ve just had an egg thrown at my head”.

So fresh were the memories, the tears that rolled down her cheeks,

as she said thank you and they said their goodbyes …


This is a recording I made especially for all those who never and still believe that they will never be accepted, loved or cared for.  Click to Listen – in Spanish and in English





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