The Cries of Pain

Behind the pain

(Each child´s experience is different and what they remember)


Behind the closed doors, the dirt tracks,

the open spaces and beneath the covers of the night.

When will the pushing, bullying, shoving cease,

screams, every flowing tears of fear, shaken,

desperate and alone in the silence of the night.

When will they be warm, comforted and loved,

fed, sheltered and given food to fill their heart’s delight,

empty, abandoned, beaten and bruised in a moment.

No water can wash away the scars of the pain,

No sunshine can brighten the pain of their fight,

No words can comfort the screams of a moment.

When will the never-ending cycle cease?

The never-ending cries of pain …

Did you hear the child?  Did you see the children?

Are they still children?  The never-ending cries of pain …

By Natasha Parker

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