One Experience

It just takes one Experience, one choice, one memory, one action, one thought, one word to completely destroy a life. Buried in the inner child of a person. As the child collects more and more of the same, destroying their self worth and self esteem. Trying as hard as they can to overcome the challenges and obstacles that life will bring them on their own journey.

I have never in my entire life, nor ever want to see a person suffer as I did the day she walked in and said hello, looking for help. Completely stiff from a life of abuse all hidden between the never ending layers, burning right to the very heart of her.

A woman who dedicates her life to education and the wellbeing of children. There she stood like a child violated of her innocence and love of life, battered, bruised and marked for life.

No child deserves this and it is up to us the mothers and fathers who have been blessed with the gift of life to respect, value and cherish every moment. To help and guide them to make better choices, instead of crushing their happiness, freedom and love.

By  Natasha Parker










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