The Cycle of Transformation – Chemical Reaction & Relationships

It always starts with ONE and our interaction, will we attract, repel, share or find stability?  It can start with one individual, the connections within a family, the interactions at school, at work, our environment, etc. We can have explosions of anger, of violence as the chemicals make necessary adjustments and  transformations, internally and externally [...]



The  Moments of opportunities which were lost along the way, The Moments of time which just flew away, The seasons that came and went in a  blink of an eye, The colours of the rainbows and sparkles in the sky. The rain that washed way the tears from my eyes, The sunshine that filled up [...]

Kings of the Kingdom

She sat and listened and the story began ... They all sat around the table, decisions had to be made, pieces had to be moved.  Battles had to be won, new game plans into place. Each one sat there with their own proposals, own agendas, own ideas.  What they had accomplished was truly great, hidden [...]

Conscious or Unconscious – Crossed Wires & Fires

Communication of the Heart, Mind, Body & Soul How do you communicate?  To be effective in our relationships with ourselves and others, it is important to unravel the wires and web that surround our actions and reactions. It’s so easy to misjudge, to blame and point the finger. As I listened to the story As she [...]


As she listened to the story... They sat on the train ... filling the carriages with laughter ... they they sat as one decided it was time for revenge ... a moment of vengeance ... Let me take away your smile, As she poked and humiliated the child. Every time her laughter became louder... Let [...]