Kings of the Kingdom

She sat and listened and the story began …

They all sat around the table, decisions had to be made, pieces had to be moved.  Battles had to be won, new game plans into place.
Each one sat there with their own proposals, own agendas, own ideas.  What they had accomplished was truly great, hidden behind the floor walls, and closed door.
A map lay in the centre of the table with flags, with names and little figures.  At the front an enormous plasma screen, showing events from all around the World.
Over the years, many chairs had been filled with new blood, as they continued the game.  Each one having to display their skills, pass the initiation game to become worthy of the seat they occupied.
Smoke filled the air, the bottles, the clink of ice as they swirled the frozen rocks.
Who would be favoured and flavour of the month or year?  Each one ready to report, on the accomplishments, the goals, the targets, successes and failures.  What would be the consequences? Whose kingdom was on the line?  Whose family?  Who would be chosen?
They all sat anticipating as they carefully watched for signs of weakness, whose hands were on the table, who was fumbling with the pencil or biting his lip.
Together they had built and empire, people had been trained in the arts, skills, virtues and laws.   Unknown to the poverish, poor bastards, as they watched the sheep follow the next wolf hungry for food …

by Natasha Parker

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