The  Moments of opportunities which were lost along the way,

The Moments of time which just flew away,

The seasons that came and went in a  blink of an eye,

The colours of the rainbows and sparkles in the sky.

The rain that washed way the tears from my eyes,

The sunshine that filled up my heart,

The breeze from the sea that helped clear my mind,

and my magical moments alone that comforted my soul.

The Moments to be remembered which will never be lost.
There have been the good times and not so good,

Like the sun and the moon,

Filled with moments and feelings of doubts and fears,

Understanding of the frustration and anger,

Seeing the sadness and loneliness

Experiencing the tears and laughter,

All in a day, all in a night, all in a moment,

As the days and weeks passed away before our own very lives.
Moments where two different worlds came together,

Each special and unique in their own special way,

To share, to care, to teach, to understand from,

The differences of experiences,

The differences of mind,

The difference of thought,

The difference of words,

The difference of actions.

To find it was time to say goodbye.
Thankful and grateful that a new day has come,

New lessons, new life, new beginnings and

Journeys to follow to the end of our own special rainbows.

No regrets, no sadness, we are never alone,

Where the sun always shines to the rhythm of a heartbeat,

to the dancing of the wind,

Where the happiness in never ending,

and the laughter overflows,

Let the smile always follow you where-ever you go.
What was done, what was said, was a passing of time,

Difficult lessons were learnt,

It was part of the play and the great master plan.

Nothing was lost, only many treasures to be kept.

On a journey of loving moments that will never return …

By Natasha Parker


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