Patience – Lucas The Fox

Let me tell you a story about Lucas ... He thought he could out fox the people around him. As he craftily slipped from under the fence of the jungle, filled with wild beasts, slithering creatures that were hidden in the grass, ready to pounce and bite till they gave in to the temptation of [...]


Courage – The Mask behind the Crown – Brotherly Love

We should listen to these wonderful Princes.  They have opened a book to reminded us about the importance of communication, understanding, support, strength, feelings, emotions and brotherly love.  Family, values and what has been part of our roots for centuries.  What is the real truth behind the closed doors of our homes? Our Royal Family? The [...]

The Stories of Mentors in Business

Let me  me tell you a story about a man ... Who had the courage to share a story about his life and what was important and should be for every man who is blessed with a child, a life to cherish and mentor, guide and help them to grow to become Leaders who make [...]

Rags to Riches – Maria

  Let me tell you a story about Maria ... Maria was born in a distant land, a tiny village surrounded by mountains hidden in a remote part of northern Spain. A land filled with treasures where-ever you walked. The hillside, the trees and behind the open doors of the families that lived there. A [...]


A song and lyrics whilst Lucy sat holding her doll on the step outside her front door and she sang to her best friend ...   Everyone loves a rainbow, way up in the sky, Everyone loves a rainbow, way up in the sky.   Everyone loves a rainbow, filled with colours of the sky. [...]

The Power of Love – In the Silence of the Night

A love story filled with passion, life and lives. Behind the mask lies a hidden truth. Turn the pages and experience the adventure as you discover the mystery hidden between the lines and photographs. Thank you. Natasha