From London to Mexico to the Heart ♥ of Kent

The Power of Love - In the Silence of the Night Everyone needs a bodyguard at some stage in their life. A detective to rummage through the political breakdown and crossed wires, a lawyer to check the clauses and defend the cause. In a city filled with life, party and fiesta, as he uncovers the [...]


Forget me not

Mary Magdalena was her name, As she slithered through the cracks, As she inched her way, Little by little making space between the walls. Poisoned with a drop of blood, Mixed secretly, slippery, slimily, In a glass 🍷 filled with ruby red wine. No cross ➕ could hide the darkness of her soul. As she [...]

Don’t get lost

Don't get lost in the clouds, in the lightening or drown in the rain ... find the rainbow You are a flower As you grow and are watered every day with kind words, thoughts, actions, your stalk will grow straight and firm/ Don´t let the thorns in your life hurt you and make you bleed. [...]