Stories, Stories, Stories

I never thought for one moment that I would listen to so many horror stories or even realise no matter how kind, giving, loving, generous there would be someone willing to go to extreme measures to try and break the spirit of a compassionate soul... Never under estimate the love of a mother for her [...]


You Me We

I wasn't born a dog... to be patted and petted for love. I wasn't born a cat... To roam the streets nor climb the fences for attention, I wasn't born a fish... To swim the entangled oceans of rubbish, in search for a home, I wasn't born a bird... To fly, encircle and follow, or [...]

How to comfort a broken child

Too many are still left abandoned, left to starve, not only through hunger and thirst but also through neglect, abuse and violence. Some will try to mask their fears, anger and saddened hearts 💕 but their soul will help them remember and face the words, they didn’t want to hear, the actions which bruised their bodies, anxious [...]