How to comfort a broken child

Too many are still left abandoned, left to starve, not only through hunger and thirst but also through neglect, abuse and violence.

Some will try to mask their fears, anger and saddened hearts 💕 but their soul will help them remember and face the words, they didn’t want to hear, the actions which bruised their bodies, anxious bellies left empty and overloaded minds broken.

It can take years to recover and mend the scars or the black holes which they remember.

We have an opportunity as parents, teachers, mentors and carers to lift their spirits and recuperate the childless wonder of peace and joy.

Many years ago, as I listened to the stories, saw their cries of pain, led me on a journey to help comfort the broken child, young adult, adults, mums, teachers, healers, psychologists, lawyers, … the countless people we meet every day.

Through simple phrases to touch the deepest of pains… Especially written and recorded to listen to whilst changing the energy vibration of despair, depression, anxiety, sadness, lack of self esteem, self confidence.

By Luisa Natasha Parker

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