Come and join Natasha on her journey and find a new way of seeing the World and start creating your own Journey. Natasha will make you think of your own path and learn to unlock new skills and sides of yourself which you never thought you have. It is time to stop hiding! Find your [...]


A Journey through the Global Goals… Where did your journey begin? Un Viaje a través de Los objetivos globales … ¿Dónde comenzó tu viaje?

There will be times we will encounter poverty in our lives and the lives of others... As a child knocks and sings door by door to collect pennies for Africa. There will be times we will find people hungry on our streets... As a neighbour gives them a bag of rice and beans. There will [...]


As he watched her fall and bled... As he fingered the dust. cobwebs around the stairways and fountains of his abandoned prison, As he denied them a bowl of porridge, Whilst he attended to the petty whims of his victims, As he re-walked the path of his fathers, As he slammed his fist on the [...]