As he watched her fall and bled…

As he fingered the dust. cobwebs around the stairways and fountains of his abandoned prison,

As he denied them a bowl of porridge,

Whilst he attended to the petty whims of his victims,

As he re-walked the path of his fathers,

As he slammed his fist on the table in defiance,

As he echoed the greatness of his lies to his followers,

As he laughed at the secret recordings of daily life,

As he became deafened to the truth,

As his eyes blackened with deceit,

As his belly hungered for power,

As he whipped the children with false promises,

As he walked the lonely corridors, rattling the chains and bells of the prison he had built for the next conquest of betrayal and lies….

He… he… he…

By Natasha

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