Poetry Recognitions

It is always wonderful to be selected for a publication and today was a day of surprises. A poem I wrote whilst in Tunbridge Wells. When inspiration strikes make sure you have a pen and pad handy. It's my pleasure to let you know that your poem, "The Lost Child", has been selected by our [...]


Snowflake ❄

It's just the tip of the iceberg, Hold on tight and we will drown, Chip away and we will freeze, See only the surface and ice will reappear. Drag it and we will slowly sink, Accept the snowflake ❄ will melt and, One day disappear for ever. The depths of the oceans can be, Cruel [...]

Coffee & Love

Look into the swirls and bubbles of Love, Exploding, caressing, soft and, The bitter sweet richness, That warms even the coldest of nights, As the memory lasts a lifetime. Savour the flavour of Sunday... As she broke into song. .. Te quiero. .. By Natasha