Lion’s Roar…

His roars can be heard, as he tries to lead and take control. Looking and watching... How times have changed... As her rage builds and continues, As she attends to the young ones, Nuture and loves them, To be the best they can be... Whilst, basking in the sun, Grooming his nails and mane. Now [...]


Shoes… keep walking…

Enjoy the steps... 1. "If the shoes don't fit, no matter how tightly you squeeze your toes, they never will. Find a match made in heaven, filled with love, comfort, secure, safe and to shelter you from the storms. The road is long, mountains high and sharp stones to make you fall. Watch every step [...]

Addicted to Love

A bowl of warm broth. To fill his empty belly, New shoes to comfort, His weary feet, A woollen jumper to shield, Him from the bitter cold, A suit to bring back, His confidence and self-esteem, A tie, shirt, underpants and socks, To feel-good inside out. The love of a brother, The love of a [...]

It’s not over…

His spirit was broken, His hands in pain, His feet weary from the march, Of the everyday challenge ... A hug to lift his soul, An ointment to heal the wounds, A scented bath of crystals and perfume to restore, His vitality for Life. It's not over, the adventure has just begun... By Valentina

70 Years of Human Rights

It was a year of many changes... A memory of words, photographs, to help change the negative vibrations, energy, thoughts, words, actions that harm the very essence of a child in their development and being able to confront life's challenges. For many it will be a reminder of the comfort and peace they felt, others [...]