Shoes… keep walking…

Enjoy the steps…

1. “If the shoes don’t fit, no matter how tightly you squeeze your toes, they never will. Find a match made in heaven, filled with love, comfort, secure, safe and to shelter you from the storms. The road is long, mountains high and sharp stones to make you fall. Watch every step and enjoy the sunshine.” Valentina

2.”People walk in and out… Some will stay a while, some a lifetime and others will be lost behind the camera, stage curtain and shop window of life. Make time for what matters.” Valentina

3. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be in a state of oblivious, nothingness and silence.” Valentina

4. “Life is about having the will, power and love to continue and keep going.” Valentina

5. “When we allow our circumstances to take control, we will be thrown into a dark dungeon, cold and lifeless until we take a Breath of action.” Valentina

6. “There’s no time like the present to walk away from things that cause pain.” Valentina

Image taken by #Reuters

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