The Rage of Mother Nature and Torture of Mankind

"As the winds blow and Diana Storm begins to hit their costal shores and skies, As the fires and outbreaks of 100 Years hits a harbour, As the fires persist the costal and forest areas, As the Mother river dies every day from the contamination, disease, illness, covered in flowers in the hope they will [...]


Heart ♥ of Fire

photo album @joshgroban Heart of Fire The inter-twinning fire, That warms the hearts of the saddened. That brings light to the lonely, Burning brightly for those in despair, Destroying the illusions of the past, Bringing passion to feed the hungry. The fire that burns and destroys, With a spoken word and, Disappears with an empty [...]

Look after the Roses

"A rose, a reminder of the beauty that is created with each petal, fragrance, colour, shapes and sizes, with thorns or without, the tenderness, Love that each one brings to their homes, families, communities and nations." From Natasha and Family Have a blessed Sunday.  

With Peace Love and Joy from us to you to Them

"The seagull soared the white clouded sky, the blue sparkling lights, the Buddhas, a bell, a tree of pearls, a golden mat of prayer, and Ganesh a gift from a mother and father to their daughter, a moment of hope that each mother and child will have a place to call home, a bed, a [...]

A Love Bond…

So much time had passed... As she sat on the stairs looking up at the sky.. "WHO? Who could help with this?" "Why a memory from the Past of Love... James.. as she talked to the trees, listened to the wind. It's been such a long time, this seems ridiculous, a total fantasy game, could [...]