Acceptance vs Tolerance

See beyond the mountains and skies

Watch over the people hiding in the caves,

Lost in the desert and

Blinded by the sun.

Direction, mission, vision to

Conquer the evils of war,

Corruption, sadness, hunger, and pains.

A place they can call home,

filled with Peace and a melody to fill their souls with Joy.

What’s a living Hell?

A broken spirit,

A broken home,

A broken family,

A broken nation.

Built on an illusion of lies.

What’s a living Heaven?

The sweet moments of Joy.

The smile of a Child.

An embrace from Heaven.

The melody of Music,

The Poetry of lives,

The art of Nature,

The Sculptured masterpiece,

The Dance of life,

The Song from a pure heart,

The embodiment and wholeness of a beautiful life.

By Natasha



written for #World Philosophy Day

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