A Railway Network Connection – Dedicated to JF Kennedy

When we walk around like a cardboard box, this will crush the very essence of life. As she spoke to William and Alfred.

We can structure and organise our network railway lines and update the the boxes, trains and passenger compartments, dinning, sleeping, but it is important to remember the flexibility and freedom this brings. Like breathing in and breaking out.

The importance of remembering the people in our lives and small acts of kindness, of laughter and love.

If we continue to live in boxed timetables, we might loose the connection to find a gift at the end of the journey.

A purple diamond ♦ once buried in stone in a land and now on a journey back home, where it belongs.

She could feel the very words on the page that were filled with anger, a lost heart, mindless, thoughtless connection. Thank you said William and Alfred.

How can we bring peace if we are looking for strategies of war in martial arts, than find the solution strategies of Peace.

If we connect as people to learn the skills of Peace, we would not have to learn the skills that cause destruction.

We are the engineer, the train driver and passenger of moments of window opportunities… Enjoy the railway network connection as today we Remember JF Kennedy.

By Natasha

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