A Love Bond…

So much time had passed… As she sat on the stairs looking up at the sky.. “WHO? Who could help with this?”

“Why a memory from the Past of Love… James.. as she talked to the trees, listened to the wind.

It’s been such a long time, this seems ridiculous, a total fantasy game, could he possibly be the one?

I had left him… but never realised until that day, his picture was with me all the time, not only in my mind, my heart but in a book, a little red book, now so far away in a distant land.

Would she find him, his love of music, his gentle and funny nature, that had always made her smile until the day he said “will you marry me.”

Was this an impossible task? She thought, no, it can’t be that difficult.

She thought and she thought, then jumped up and proceed to walk to the back door and the light sprint up the stairs to the top floor.

Her heart raced, the excitement of another adventure. She had nothing to loose but everything to gain a lost friendship not love.

Would he even remember she thought, would he, would he? The search began that night.. One cold November evening…

“I don’t need to know anymore,”He said…

It felt like a bullet that penetrated to the very core of her being but also a signal it’s over.

No more messages, no more calls, no more emails. She took a deep sigh of relief and let go.

Like the perfume that fades as the night arrives… A love bond, a James, a scent of Venice and whirlwind romance. It could only be… Chanel…from London, to Milan, to Venice to Rome and back home… Where the heart is.

By Natasha

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