My Heart ♥ is my Home

As we remember 2018 and look forward to embracing a New Year. I wanted to share A Poem written by my son when he was younger. "Every child matters and deserve to be valued, cherished and loved"... Natasha


New Year Wishes to You from Us to Them

A song... Granted... If you have a Dream go chase it... The Story is yours go write it... Never take a single breath for granted... A lifetime Adventure with my three gifts... Freedom Love and Happiness to find Peace Love and Joy... It started with a message of Inspiration and Love... Continued in The [...]

Women In Poetry

"Congratulations! Your poem has been selected to be published and featured in our special edition of Women In Poetry. Women In Poetry celebrates the voice of women, in recognition of their tremendous contribution to poetry, and showcases their inspirational words and poems for the world to appreciate." It's always lovely to receive surprises and early [...]

Cries of Pain and Living

Dedicated to All those suffering with Human Right issues 70 Years 10th December 2018. As the stories continue, women are burnt, raped, the children are still crying... Sealed with a symbol of Peace and a cross given to remember the hurricane of life.