It’s Snowing at One Oak

The footsteps that mark the snow covered pathways, The silence as the sparkling snowflakes fall from Heaven above, The words the poet leaves on the white pages, The Peace and Love as the snowflakes make us smile. Keep warm and safe and make sure you have plenty of coffee lover bubbles to keep you smiling. [...]


A Journey of Love

It's not everyday a Mum gets a book written by her children to capture the words and memories they want you to remember always ... Love my three gifts each one different and so special... As I admire a framed rose made especially and a phrase to remind mums What each one brings ... Here [...]

Mirror Mirror

Now where have we heard that? The daily news or maybe a fairytale, a book, movie ... This is a reflection by the writer Eduardo Galeano Today ... a husband complained about his wife ... it was a great opportunity to share with him the Power of Love and the shop owner who smiled at [...]

Wild Horses

What does it take to understand a group of wild horses? Who just want to run free, Over mountains, lay in the grass and sip from the streams, Soak in the sunshine, Play, laugh and enjoy life. The whip and the finger pointing won’t work, The beatings and lashings of harsh words won’t work, It [...]

Winter Snowdrops

Have you ever seen how hypnotic the snowflakes are when the light shines on them? How the air becomes silent, filled with grace and beauty? Imagine how peaceful and pure moments of delight as a snowflake touches the tip of our lives... “There is no greater food for the soul than when it is fuelled [...]

The Perfect Surprise

A lunchtime paradise ... A stroll as she walked the marble covered floors, the air filled with the beautiful essence of Life and Love. A song, some chocolates, flowers, coffee and Krispy creams, a surprise message, a window filled with paintings, a heart, tree and bird ... From US to You to Them ... Natasha


I remembered how we smiled about Lucas the spider but this is a different story ... How many times do we have to hear the cries of a baby, a sister or friend? Why had they just allowed him to continue? She has a heart of gold, never deserved the continual abuse. Would they listen [...]