The War of the Roses

We can bring roses,

But we might receive thorns,

We can bring chocolates,

But we might receive disgust,

We can bring perfume,

But we might receive jealousy,

We can bring truthfulness,

But we might receive lies,

We can bring food,

But we might receive hunger,

We can bring water,

But we might receive blood,

We can support her home,

But we might receive deceit,

We can bring prayers,

But we might receive a closed door,

We give, we receive until,

There is no more love to give,

Buried in a book,

Did you smell the roses?

You forgot … and let them wither and die …

Crushed was her attempt of hope,

Unity and Peace ….

The war of the roses ….

By Natasha

The vote was cast … destiny fortune and fate 15/01/2019

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