Winter Snowdrops

Have you ever seen how hypnotic the snowflakes are when the light shines on them?

How the air becomes silent, filled with grace and beauty?

Imagine how peaceful and pure moments of delight as a snowflake touches the tip of our lives…

“There is no greater food for the soul than when it is fuelled by the fire of life, when the winter snowdrop emotions and feelings float away leaving peace in it’s place.

Giving love and receiving love an expression of our unique melody.

Don’t be saddened by the moon’s light, embrace the moment and see how it lights up the World.”


“Sunday Morning as the sun shines all around the World.

The pathway through the mountains and the ever flowing river,

nourished by the pure icecle moments as they melt  the frozen hearts.”


“For so many life is like a racecourse ride,

A gallop here, there, a jump over fences, a fall into the ditches,

Get covered in dust, fall flat in your face,

Hold on too tight on the reigns and

You’ll go in the wrong direction,

The sun will rise and the sun will set but it’s the friendship,

Laughter, fun and love as you enjoy the reflection behind the camera.

A cup of coffee to warm the heart filled with bursting bubbles of Love …

From Us to You to Them”

By Natasha







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