Mirror Mirror

Now where have we heard that? The daily news or maybe a fairytale, a book, movie …

This is a reflection by the writer Eduardo Galeano

Today … a husband complained about his wife … it was a great opportunity to share with him the Power of Love and the shop owner who smiled at every word.

“Oh I wish my wife spoke to me like that… I’ve been married for 44 years” It sounded more like a sentence than a bond or connection of Love.

He had forgotten to find out what was the important thing to her and I proceeded to explain 5 concepts.

“When was the last time you tried to find something special about her that you hadn’t realised in all those years?”

He thanked me, smiled and went away with not just groceries but food for thought.

Look in the MIrror (read about the violence, abuse, domestic violence, mental health breakdowns, crimes) WE don’t have to get to the stage that I killed her because I forgot about the Power of Love.

By Natasha

“I killed her because she was mine”

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