The Rainbow Connection

How do we connect? What do we Connect with? Who do we Connect with? When do we feel connected? The lovers, dreamers, storytellers, songwriters and artists... What did you find? Where did go? In the Heart and a flower of Kent ... the Garden of EDEN Who did you meet? Why? Or was it just [...]


Sevenoaks Sunny Sunshine Sunday

Don't you just love Sunday's when the sun is shining? What can you find? Colours, flowers and someone busy at work! Enjoy the essence of Spring and Nature ...


What can we find that captures the essence of Spring and the Season Cycles? A solid oak table, The foundation of any home and business, A wooden circle, Life's cycle and ever changing seasons, Covered with the essence of Frankincense, A reminder the of old shavings and sayings, A reminder of autumn, Silver pines and [...]

Thursday Tulip Thoughts

Amongst the tulips lies a heart of roses, Created with love, Bathed with the essence, As it washed away the stresses of life, The effervescent bubbles, That caresses the soft covered layers, As we float deeply, Into a moment of Joy ... Watching the pink mist and aroma, Surround and embrace the moment... By Natasha

Lunch Time Inspiration

Was it a game of ...? An action of Love ...? A desperate journey for those suffering with change? A new outlook or win/win solutions? A moment of bliss to remember the sweetest and kindness we can bring and share? A moment to nourish the soul with food for thought, body, heart mind and spirit? [...]

The Cycle of a Passionate Life

For the last 12 days it's been a time of living the Passionate Life Cycle. What has happened to you? What areas have been turbulent? Or Joyful? The emotional full moon is about to appear and this gives us an opportunity to reflect, review our life and the lives of those closest to us. Did [...]

A Journey of Love & Birthday Wishes

What can we find on our morning treasure hunt in Tunbridge Wells? The small details and loving care taken by our local businesses, sharing the essence of gifts of Love and appreciation to share with our local people. Enjoy the messages captured on the early morning walk ... A slice of cake, coffee, pastries Listen [...]