Snow Battlefield Challenge

A battlefield challenge of snow, as he lay unconscious to the words, “don’t die on me” exhaustion and the ice-cold temperatures that surrounded him, the deep snow, and a cloth-like tent was not enough to shelter him.

How thin is the shelter that surrounds our homes, the walls, flimsy, are they able to withstand the bitter cold?

His Shelter was frozen solid and stiff with no flexibility. No sight of warmth, compassion or understanding.

The snow challenge battlefront as we all run, deep in the snow, some up to our ankles and others deeply covered, a bag so heavy of emotions as he vomited on the path in desperation and release.

The courage and strength to continue as the sun began to shine the next day and he awoke with a smile, and the sounds of never-endings tears of laughter.

By Natasha


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